Fresh green lettuce produced in the hydroponics farm of urban kisaan in hyderabad

Grown Locally &
Delivered fresh.

We grow freshest greens and herbs locally produced which are crispy, juicy and highly nutritious. Without using soil using 95% less water. Every crop planted in our farm is precisely cared for and grown without any pesticides. We ensure quality and traceability at every step from seed to store.

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Where farms
become neighbours

Our farms are close to where your home is. From our unique way to grow produce, to the extremely short distance it travels, We are creating positive change & you can see it at every level. Every choice we make brings you vegetables at the height of freshness, flavor & nutrition.

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    Grown Only
    Minutes Away

  • Light is controlled in a smart way in the hydroponics farm to boost the growth of
                                the greens

    Minimal carbon

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                                farming technology

    Used 95% Less
    water to grow

See how our farm works
Fresh lettuce grown in the hydroponics farm of Urban Kisaan in hyderabad

How Does It Work?

Every day our team members get phone calls and emails with questions about how our farms can grow on a commercial scale in such a small space. Our answer? It's simple! All you need is water, electricity, basic supplies, and a little bit of love.

Fresh strawberries which can be grown in the hydroponics farm using a soil
                less farming technology

Grow Your Own

Wish to own a kitchen garden but confused ? UrbanKisaan offers compact & easy-to-use hydroponic home kits to grow herbs & salads. It grows enough plants to give you a plentiful harvest all year long. For first timers, our experts will handhold you through the entire process from seeding to harvest.

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Getting stuck?

Read about all the latest trends, tips and hacks about soilless indoor farming here! Have more questions?

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Fresh spinah in a earth bowl, which are grown in a hydroponics farm

Our Incubators

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  • Logo of ISB hyderabad who is an incubator of urban kisaan
  • Logo of Agri Biotech Foundation who is an incubator of Urban kisaan
  • Logo of Start Up India who is an incubator of Urban Kisaan

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