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Don’t poison your food plate with pesticides, eat organic by growing your own food

All of us wish to consume fresh vegetables and eat organic food that is free from pesticides. But the so-called fresh vegetables and fruits that we consume and feed our children with are grown in soil sprayed with pesticides. Even after cultivation, this food stuff is sprayed with chemicals to keep them fresh and in their natural colors for a long time. Also, the farmers are forced to cultivate a number of plants within a small time frame by fostering the plant with chemicals to meet the demands of enhancing the population.

To overrule these faulty practices and to eat organic, the only option is to grow one’s own food. It is not possible for all of us to leave our jobs and enter the fields for cultivation, but it is possible to grow food in one’s own house by a new technique called as hydroponics gardening. This system does not depend on land for growing food and is thus possible to set up in roof tops, balconies and in living rooms as well. Let us explore this system in detail here.

What is hydroponics?

This is a convenient method of growing plants without water and soil. It does not demand land as in conventional agriculture farming, there is no need for soil to plant as well. It is possible to yield high quality fruits and vegetables in water by topping it up with optimal levels of nutrients and minerals. Also, it is possible to grow different plants and herbs through this hydroponics technique.

Different types of fruits and vegetables and one can grow hydroponically

It is possible to grow a number of healthy fruits and vegetables by the hydroponic method. The following is the comprehensive list of plants that can grow in this garden.

  • Tomatoes : These plants are most apt for an indoor hydroponic garden. They demand a little space to grow and the nutrient medium helps to yield big and healthy tomatoes.
  • Cucumber : as this fruit grows best in water, it is ideal for this gardening technique. The plants are suspended in water with sufficient space resulting in excellent yield.
  • Bell Peppers : It is possible to grow peppers in this hydroponic garden as they grow best in the dark than in the day.
  • Blueberries : These are one of the best hydroponic indoor plants as this plant desires a large volume of acidic soil. In the hydroponic technique, the required acidic medium can be maintained to ensure the growth of the plant
  • Lettuce : It is possible to harvest lettuce leaves without much efforts in hydroponic set up. The plant requires hardly any space for growing and is thus much preferred by hydroponic gardeners.
  • Strawberries : It is possible to grow this fruit all through the year in wet conditions as favored by the hydroponic technique.
  • Spinach : This leafy vegetable grows at a rapid speed in the hydroponic environment.

Indulge in indoor urban farming to get the taste and quality of the fruits and vegetables you wish to fill in your platter.

Types of hydroponic systems

Indulging in indoor and urban farming helps to get the best tasting and quality fruits and vegetables that one desires to fill their plate. The hydroponic farming system is available in six different variants. Some of them are highly effective depending on the kinds of vegetables and fruits that are being produced. The most common hydroponic techniques are

Nutrient Film Technique :
In this home hydroponic kit, the solution of water and nutrients is sent into channels and are supplied to the different kinds of plants in varying proportions. The channels are kept a little sloped to allow the solution to flow through the channels and into the hydroponics reservoir. The nutrient water flows over the hanging roots of the plants, thereby providing the required nutrition for the plants on the way. This is a continuous process that goes all through the day. The growth medium does not hold the plant in place and the nutrient film technique is ideal for plants that have small roots. All the leafy green plants grow best in this technique.

Deep water culture technique:
This is also a promising hydroponic technique where the roots of the plants receive air directly while they are suspended in the nutrition solution. A stone or a diffuser is used to offer the oxygen supply. The plants seem to grow extremely well at a surprising rate in this system as they receive plenty of oxygen while being placed inside the nutrients. Plants that have big roots respond pretty well to the system. The roots of the plants grow pretty fast and the farmer can witness good yield of fruits as well.

Wick Hydroponics technique :
This is a simple hydroponic farming kit and does not demand any aerator pump or electricity. In this type of hydroponics, the plant is placed on vermiculite or perlite along with a nylon wick that connects it with the nutrient solution. This method is best for plants that do not demand a lot of water. The wick also does not supply a lot of nutrients for the plants.

Flood and brain system:
In this system, the plants are kept in a large bed filled with the nutrition liquid. Hydrogen will not allow the water to rise above the required level of the glowing medium. It prevents the solution from overflowing and the times comes to use to control the amount of solution. When the required amount of solution is filled up, the timer shuts down the pump automatically so that the water can go back from the grow bed draining it completely. This system is ideal for all kinds of plants, especially those with larger root systems.

Conclusion :

Hydroponics is the best answer to the growing demands for fruits and vegetables. Buy hydroponic system and grow the plants where you live, work and eat. These are smart and soil less growing systems that are designed to beautify the space. They are self-contained growing units that require minimal effort, sustainability, and innovation.

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