Eating fresh fruits and vegetables prevents the growth of cancer cells

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables prevents the growth of cancer cells

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables prevents the growth of cancer cells - the voice of

Cancer, in today’s world, is one of the deadliest and fastest-spreading diseases imaginable.
The reasons for its spread vary from dietary to lifestyle-related to even genetic in some cases.
Some cancers are curable while others not so much. Under such a scenario it is best to
maintain a healthy weight, diet, and lifestyle to stays away from the deadly grasp of this
disease. Experts feel that fresh fruits and vegetables are helpful in preventing cancer and
staying healthy and can keep almost 30-50 percent cancers away when made a part of the
daily diet.

Fresh products such as fruits and vegetables are helpful against cancer in two ways:

? Many fruits and veggies contain anti-cancer agents
? Consuming them helps in maintaining a healthy weight which is essential for
preventing cancer

Benefits of eating fresh greens and fruits

Fruits and vegetables contain a number of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and even
phytochemicals which help in keeping cancer at bay. Experts opine that this combination
available whole foods is useful in controlling the risk of cancer. Apart from that, they are
extremely healthy and useful for maintaining the right body weight. Obesity is another killer
disease that is spreading fast among people of all age-groups. The extra fat in the body causes
insulin resistance which causes the cells to multiply faster. Obesity causes increase levels of
estrogen which leads to breast cancer and ovarian cancer in women in their 40s. If you are
health conscious and consume fruits daily then the scope of becoming overweight is largely

Research has revealed that body fat concentrated around the belly region increases the risk of
cancer in organs such as the breast, stomach, bowel, esophagus, kidney, liver, pancreas, gall
bladder, ovary, endometrium and advanced prostrate.

Is there a super-fruit?

Unfortunately, no. There is no fruit that you can eat and beat all the diseases at one go. Every
fruit that its own special properties and nutrients that the human body needs. Therefore, try
eating fruits in the form of a rainbow. The different colors of the varied fruits and vegetables
keep the meals interesting and you get the benefits associated with all of them. Ideally, some
vegetables should be eaten raw while others should be cooked. This helps the body to absorb
the nutrients properly and keep in fighting fit. Eat food that is stir-fried, grilled, steamed and
roasted because they use minimum water and keep the vitamins from getting washed away.

Do fruits help a cancer patient?

Fruits and vegetables contain ingredients that can help in preventing cancer. But if you
already have the disease it cannot cure you. But it is not harmful to you either. In fact, cancer

patients should maintain a healthy diet that contains healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, lean
protein, and whole grains. This will complement the treatment you are receiving and help you
in recovery. So, you can consume veggies and fruits for sure.


Continue eating fresh fruits and vegetables and make it a part of your diet whether you have
cancer or not.

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