Fresh salads right in your kitchen garden through urban farming

Fresh salads right in your kitchen garden through urban farming

Fresh salads right in your kitchen garden through urban farming

Eating vegetable from own kitchen garden gives a special sense of joy. You cannot compare the
taste of these vegetables with the vegetables bought from the stores outside. Though growing
vegetables by self-sound tedious if you are not into gardening, it’s is much easier than it sounds.
The number of tomatoes or peppers growing out of one pot can overwhelm you. If you still have a
doubt, let's tell the steps of backyard gardening.

You just explore the oasis up and start doing indoor farming at home with less time and effort by
following some simple steps.

Find the compact but appropriate space

Whatever is space being available to you, like a balcony or a rooftop can be used for farming. Make
sure all kinds of necessary elements like the sun, rain, and wind must reach there. Decide how more
or how less you want to grow and allocate the area for gardening according to that.

Select a pot of appropriate size

A potted plant is the best option if you don’t have enough gardening beds. Pots come in various
sizes and shapes. Decide whether you want to grow a single plant or multiple plants in a pot. Think
about how many types you can grow and give proper care to them at a time. Use the space
efficiently to avoid overcrowding.

Choose the plant

This is quite an interesting part. Think about what you want to grow first and which kind of salad
can be grown faster with little effort. Don’t try to grow too many plants at a time, if you are a
beginner in gardening. First, start with the simplest plant. Once it has been grown successfully then
you grow something which you actually intend to eat.

Plant a pot and take care of it

First, check the hole at the bottom of the pot for water drainage. This will prevent you from
overwatering the plant. Secondly, fill the pot with the soil which contains adequate minerals. In
addition to this, mix manure/fertilizer and organics if possible, to upgrade the quality of the soil.
And then plant a pot and place the pot where it can get adequate sunlight. Remember too much
sunlight can burn the plant. Instead of planting a plant you can also go for seedling with the same

Water it

You can water your plants, a few times a week, with either automatic or manual watering. Manual
watering is cost-saving though it is a bit time taking process.

Benefits of backyard gardening

Consumption of fresh vegetable gives maximum nutrients, protects you from eating harmful
vegetables that contain chemicals and save money.


Urban farming is trending on a large scale. Hydroponic farming Hyderabad is one of the best
examples of this. This gardening approach ensures non- contaminated and highly nutritious
vegetables to every kitchen. A small effort of yours may develop new skills in you, beauty in your
garden space and health in your life.

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We started back in 2017 with a simple goal. Grow healthy plants, year round in-house. Therefore, leading to the simplest hydroponic system that helps anyone effortlessly grow their own fresh vegetables & fruits.
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