Grow fresh vegetables in your own kitchen garden through hydroponics

Grow fresh vegetables in your own kitchen garden through hydroponics

Gardening is not an appealing hobby for many people, for the nature and intensity of labour it incurs.
But even if you don’t consider yourself to be a great gardener or do not have an excellent outside space
for gardening, it is still possible to enjoy a lot of benefits in growing one’s own plants. With the help of
hydroponic farming techniques, it is possible to grow a number of vegetables, herbs and housing plants
with the help of this method pretty simply and easily. Though a majority of the plants will root and grow
in a glass jar with a little water, it is possible to accelerate the growth of the plants with the right
nutrition and adequate lighting. It is also an excellent method to harvest faster than traditional farming
methods. This is exactly the secret of hydroponic farming techniques.

Growing fresh vegetables by self:

Hydroponics not just helps with faster cultivation of plants, but also helps with fresh green yields every
time. With the help of the right hydroponic growing kits, even novice farmers can yield huge produce
within a short span of time. Imagine how great it will be to pluck fresh and green herbs whenever
desired. This will not only alter the taste and the ingredients of the food but will also exponentiate the
nutritive value of the platter. Apart from herbs, it is possible to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, and greens
with this growing method. It is, in fact, possible to grow any plant in hydroponics if we use the proper
system. It is possible to buy hydroponic system from online stores and start growing one’s own kitchen
garden in their living space.

Most hydroponic farmers benefit by growing peppers, greens, lettuce, cilantro, basil, tomatoes, melons,
cucumbers, squash, etc., with the help of hydroponic growth techniques. There are a number of
hydroponic systems available online, that will yield to the specific varieties of crops, and the easiest and
the widely used system is the floating raft method and the nutrient film technique. In both these
hydroponic kits, the plant nutrition is directly fed to the plant with minimal usage of water and
pesticides. Lighting is offered to the plant to photosynthesize with the help of sunlight or with the help
of artificial fluorescent lighting. Thus, with the help of these hydroponic growing methods, it is possible
to prepare salad or vegetable stir fry for dinner by harvesting the vegetables from one’s back door.

A number of urban farmers buy hydroponic systems in India by making their online purchase and
benefit from this idea of growing fresh vegetables in one’s own living space. They will definitely benefit
from the freshest of vegetables. They also can enjoy the most flavourful and crisp greens and herbs at a
quality that they can find in any of the grocery stores. Growing one’s own plants is also visually
appealing and rewarding as it is possible to witness its growth stages and knowing that we were part of
the reward.

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We started back in 2017 with a simple goal. Grow healthy plants, year round in-house. Therefore, leading to the simplest hydroponic system that helps anyone effortlessly grow their own fresh vegetables & fruits.
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