Grow herbs and veggies hydroponically for best results

Grow herbs and veggies hydroponically for best results

The technique of hydroponics is the growth of plants without soil involvement. Instead of soil plants are grown in water solvent mixed with mineral nutrient solution. By this method, nutrients are directly absorbed by the roots making the plant growth effective. Hydroponic farming is at the boom and gaining a lot of attention presently. Hydroponic gardens are developed indoors, in greenhouses and also indoor vertical methods. All these methods are proved to be profitable.

Advantages of indoor hydroponic farming

An indoor vertical hydroponic farming proves beneficial to the gardener in a number of ways. There are many advantages when considering indoor vertical hydroponic farming.

  • They help the gardener with short growth cycles and yield with enhanced density.
  • With vertical farming, resources and space are consumed in a less manner.
  • Great taste with high consistency of crops can be reaped.
  • Labor saving is achieved as the vertical hydroponic farming is maintained with microcontrollers.
  • Indoor vertical hydroponic farming is a perfect choice for an urban setting that has limited space.
  • Since automation is set with vertical setting there is reduced maintenance and operational time. Watering is done in an automatic manner by means of a recirculation system.
  • Fresh produces can be yielded every month and year-round benefit for the gardener.
  • Herbs and vegetables can be reaped throughout the year irrespective of the space living in.
  • Though light is not available, necessary arrangements can be made for proper lighting.

Parameters of indoor vertical hydroponics

There are some parameters are everyone should consider for the indoor vertical hydroponics such as:

Efficiency: When indoor vertical hydroponic farming is considered great efficiency is attained as water is re-circulated. The vertical farming method is a great choice that permits for higher plant density. About 160plants can be cultivated with a space of about 5’*5’.

Automation: Arudnio controllers are employed with the vertical system where ventilation fans, watering cycles, lighting cycles, nutrient levels, PH levels are maintained. These controllers can be networked by making use of 12C with Raspberry Pi. By this way, all parameters can be updated and also monitored. Also, the system historical log can be maintained and can be made available with web services.

For indoor vertical hydroponic farming, technology factors for indoors such as time switches, LED plant lights, oxygen pumps, water pump, etc are mandatory. It is important to choose planters that are perfect for planting with proper root space and ample planting distance. There should be climbing support and fixation for plants in vertical indoor hydroponics.


Indoor Vertical hydroponic farming is beneficial and profitable in a number of ways. Vertically stacked layers consume less space and reap enhanced benefits. Hobbyist gardeners and commercial food producers can adopt this methodology. Apart from indoor vertical hydroponics, there is a number of methods for farming such as drip system, nutrient film technique, aeroponic system, wicks system, water culture, and Ebb and flow.

There are a number of sources that provide abundant knowledge about hydroponic gardening and its methods. Interested individuals can use such sources and get started with their indoor vertical hydroponic farming.

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