UrbanKisaan - The Food Revolution India Needs

The Food Revolution Indian Needs

30% of the Indian Farmers, ie more than 30 million farmers, will have no access to irrigation and arable land by 2030 & India's growing need to feed the population through a healthy diet ensuring sustenance is Indian agriculture’s biggest challenge. India today is eating a low nutrient, high calorie diet. Indians eat more fruits and vegetables per person and yet is only half of what’s a recommended healthy diet. Not to mention, up to 45% of the nutritional value of this produce erodes between harvest to landing on store shelves.

UrbanKisaan builds a network of indoor vertical farms in India and grows pesticide-free produce using 95% less water and requiring less than 1% of land needed for outdoor farms; thereby saving 2,16,000 liters of water per farm per month, (our farms are Apprx. 2,000 Sq Ft). Our supply chain’s approach is to decentralize F&V production and distribution by being inside and close to the consumption centers (cities). By cutting down thousands of food miles, the produce is in consumers’ hands within hours of harvest, not days or weeks as is now. We harvest at the peak of taste and quality versus harvesting early for transportation.

To optimize processes around the farm, Urbankisaan brings together the applications of energy, process control, and big data, along with advanced plant science to grow with maximum flavor, better shelf life, and ultra-clean food at incredible yields. As a result, we are growing high-quality, clean produce at affordable prices. UrbanKisaan also delivers fresh and sustainable produce to households through a subscription model.

In March 2020, UrbanKisaan, the vertical farming startup that puts quality and freshness first, debuted its 3000 sqft new age urban farm and retail store in Manikonda, Hyderabad. Here, customers can walk into the retail store, harvest fresh and clean produce of their choice which are grown in the indoor farm which is on the other side of a glass wall. Designed for the best possible flavor while producing with extreme efficiency and cleanliness, UrbanKisaan ensures that by giving plants exactly what they want, they taste exactly how they should. This 2000 Sqft farm is capable of growing the same yield as a 1.75 acre traditional outdoor farm, going from seed to harvest in just 30 days for its leafy green crops.

UrbanKisaan maintains absolute control over variables like temperature, humidity, nutrition and light, while using less than 5% of water & 1% of land compared to an outdoor farm and allowing consumers to directly harvest their own produce of their choice from their neighborhood farm. Our Indoor farms are built to create the perfect environment for plants, reducing the unpredictability from changing climates.

UrbanKisaan has developed a full stack of plant science and food production technology — a sustainable, high-tech, high-efficiency, automated indoor vertical farm that can produce delicious, nutritious food at massive scale for lower costs than ever before thought possible. We bring together the unified design of complete large-scale farms that maximizes the applications of energy, process control, and big data, along with advanced plant science to grow with maximum flavor, better shelf life, and ultra-clean food at incredible yields. By combining the latest plant science with these technologies, Urbankisaan farms are ideally optimized to produce yields of delicious, nutrient-rich food at a lower cost.

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We started back in 2017 with a simple goal. Grow healthy plants, year round in-house. Therefore, leading to the simplest hydroponic system that helps anyone effortlessly grow their own fresh vegetables & fruits.
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