How important are the nutrients in hydroponics?

How important are the nutrients in hydroponics?

Hydroponics is an alternative agricultural system that is slowly evolving as a sustainable answer to the traditional methods. As the name suggests this system has everything to do with water. The plants here are grown in water instead of soil. To grow certain plants, growers also use alternative mediums like coconut fibre, stone wool, and cocoa. But once the seedlings are old enough, they are transferred to containers that contain water mixed with nutrients. Hydroponics is increasingly becoming the answer for plants that require particular kinds of soil to grow. The nutrient mixed water is from where all the plants draw their nutrients. In fact, in this kind of agriculture, the plants require more nutrients that general because they are not connected to the soil in any way

Nutrients used in hydroponics

Organic nutrients and plant boosters are required in hydroponics for the growth of the plants.

Organic nutrients: These are mandatory in hydroponics. The organic nutrients consist of components used in organic gardening. But they should be free from substances that can form deposits. Heavy particles cannot be absorbed by the plants and can actually clog the hydroponic system in which the plants are being grown

Plant Boosters: These boosters are comparatively new in the market and help the plants in absorbing the nutrients infused in the water. This improves the growth of the plants. Certain hydroponic nutrients are available in the market that further speeds up the flowering in plants. These advanced concoctions should not be used unless you have a sizeable garden. Technically, the high-end plant organic hydroponic nutrients should be used only under the guidance of experts.

How to purchase nutrients for hydroponic gardens ?

Hydroponic kits are available in brick and mortar stores as well as online. These should be purchased from proper retails with the required instructions for usage and their methods. Hydroponic nutrients should be applied to the plants in a proper way so that absorption is complete. Once you have selected a type of plant nutrient try to stick to the same because repeatedly changing the types and brands is unsuitable for the plants. The nutrients for the indoor hydroponic vegetables have to be applied in a systematic manner for the correct absorption and growth of the plants.

How to recognise the right mix of nutrients ?

While shopping for the organic nutrients you should be able to understand the combinations properly. All hydroponic plants require a mix of micro and macro nutrients. The macronutrients form the basis of the plant’s nutrition and need to be added all through the year. The micro nutrients, on the other hand, are called the trace elements. These are needed in minimal quantities occasionally. The macronutrients are oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, hydrogen, sulfur and calcium. The micronutrients are iron, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, manganese, chlorine, silicon, sodium and zinc.

pH factors and plant nutrients

The pH level of the water is very important for the growth of the plants. It is easily affected by the inclusion of the nutrients and also if there is any debris in the container. You will need a pH meter to monitor the level in the water on a daily basis.

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