Hydroponics farming Hyderabad

Hydroponics farming Hyderabad

Explore how to be a part-time farmer without losing your job

Agriculture is evolving as a serious business in modern times. Some executives have gone to the extent of adapting agriculture by quitting their jobs and taking it up as their full-time profession. But this may not be possible by all; after all, we belong to a society who left agriculture for white-collar jobs. But what if there is a brand new method of concentrating on both job and farming simultaneously and excel in both? The answer to this query comes from the hydroponic farming technique. This is becoming pretty popular in big cities such as Hyderabad where people are adopting this technique in large numbers.

Need for indoor farming

Soil is an important component of agriculture, but owing to the growth of cities and the shortage of living spaces, more land is taken away from cultivation and spent at real estates. The major global problem now in the increasing number of concrete jungles, there is a huge shortage of food globally. With the help of newer scientific techniques such as hydroponics, it is possible to offer a sustainable food source for the global population and to adopt the practice as a part-time profession. The results are realized within a shorter time period in hydroponics compared with traditional farming. It is also a dirt-free and mess-free way of growing crops and decreasing the food shortage solution.

The emerging technique of farming

Hydroponics is becoming the game changer for the future of farming and gardening. Most of the people in our country have come to realize the benefits of growing hydroponically and this technique is gaining a lot of momentum these days. This hydroponic farming Hyderabad is gaining tremendous momentum and people here have started to grow almost everything hydroponically. They have realized tremendous profits through this growing method by taking care of certain keen features. These features are,


The major benefit of hydroponic gardening is that the season can get irrelevant at times. For optimal yield, it should be possible to render heat for the plants during the colder months and cold breeze during the summers. Both these functionalities are possible with the hydroponic technique. The optimal range of temperature for growing crops hydroponically is between 65 and 75 F. The system helps the indoor farmer to mimic the natural temperature patterns for the plant to grow healthy.


The best humidity level for the hydroponic plants is between 40 and 80 percent. It was possible to yield organic vegetables in Hyderabad through this method as it takes advantage of mildew to crop up. Hydroponic gardening takes advantage of a quality hygrometer to keep up the humidity levels in check.

Air circulation:

Even an exhaust fan can help in the circulation of air in the room and keep it fresh. This also ensures that the plants breathe adequately and keeps up with their growing cycle. With simple improvisations, it is possible to gain good yield in this method, and professionals can adapt it in their spare time as well.


This system works best with normal house lights as well and it is also recommended to invest in good high density discharge lights as well to replicate the natural sunlight and to help the plants grow. By following all these simple and effective techniques, it is possible to grow all the following plants hydroponically,

  • Spinach
  • Cucumbers
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Strawberries

Advantages of interior farming:

The process of hydroponic gardening or indoor farming is the process of growing plants and crops in large quantities indoors. It makes advantage of artificial lights such as LED, nutrients, and water pumps to help the plants grow naturally. It is possible to grow a variety of herbs and plants in this method and this type of indoor farming works best for both commercial places and residential zones. Where large scale land is not available for metropolitan cities such as Hyderabad, this indoor farming technique is replacing conventional outdoor farming at a large scale. The advantages of this farming method are,

  • Plants grow at a rapid speed through the process of hydroponics. When the system is set up appropriately, the plants will grow at a faster rate comparative to how they grow in soil.
  • The hydroponically grown plants procure a good quantity of nutrients easily. Thus, the plants will grow faster and the nutrients will help its root system to grow tremendously.
  • The soil-based plants demand more water. The plant grown hydroponics will get a balanced nutrient solution and thus use less water. The system is most ideal for all environment types

Some useful tips for part-time hydroponic farmers:

  • Maintain a stable water temperature in the reservoir with the help of either a water heater or water chiller.
  • In case you find that the plants are not looking healthy, then it is important to check the pH and adjust it accordingly.
  • It is important to change the nutrient solution in the reservoir at least every two weeks.
  • The system demands an air pump to keep the nutrient solution oxygenated and to have a regular circulation of oxygen in the system
  • After completion of one growing cycle, it is important to clean, sterilize and flush the entire hydroponics system. In addition, the farmer should also drain the reservoir by eliminating the debris before operating the system.
  • The nutrient solution, either bought from the store or prepared at home, should be stored in a food-grade container and at room temperature, where sunlight cannot reach.
  • The effectiveness of the system can be learned by looking at the leaves. If the plant has received a high amount of solution, the color of the leaves will turn brown. If the plant has received less amount of solution, then the leaves will turn yellow.
  • Though all fruits and vegetables grow in this system, it is best suited for some vegetables such as cucumber, strawberries, leafy greens, and capsicum.

Final words:

It is possible to grow online vegetables Hyderabad with the help of such kits available in the city at an affordable cost. This has grown to be the best method of part-time farming for executives who can concentrate both on their job and in growing their food simultaneously.

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