Indoor farming is the future of the country to meet the demand for fresh stocks

Indoor farming is the future of the country to meet the demand for fresh stocks

Indoor farming is the future of the country to meet the demand for fresh stocks

There are a number of advantages to indoor vegetable farming, it is an excellent alternative for
the conventional agriculture, as the crops are grown indoors, it is possible to control the growth
climate all through the year, nagging pests can be controlled, it is possible to save water and use
them wisely in controlled quantities. And most of all, indoor vegetable farming can yield more
food per acre of land than conventional farming. Thus, without any doubt, we can conclude that
Indoor farming is the future of the country. It has high potentials to meet the demands of the
fresh stocks for the ever-increasing population of people in a country like India.

Why vertical farming is the future of the country:

Currently, we are facing unremitting trends in a population explosion, decreasing water supply,
urbanization and continuing and constant climatic change. All these factors contribute to the
declining stocks of arable land per person. The land resources for agriculture are decreasing and
the country’s policymakers are facing the challenges of sustainability and the hurdle of feeding
the rapidly growing population of the country. The ideal solution for enhancing food production
for the future lies in exemplified urban vertical farming. This method aims to significantly
enhance the production of fresh yields of fruits and vegetables and also aims to considerably
decrease the environmental footprint of cultivation. The indoor farming method offers access to a
clean and green source of food along with the freedom from pests, droughts, problems of
bio-security, reduced transportation cost, and reduced depletion of fossil fuels.

Vertical farming continues to grow beyond the greenhouse ceiling:

Agriculture has come a long way from the past century and produces more food than ever before.
But when the country’s population has approached more than 100 crores, then it is important for
modern food production methods to undergo a radical transformation, so as to keep up with the
demands. Luckily, we have a range of new technologies that makes them possible. One such
innovative farming method is hydroponics and with the help of an indoor hydroponic garden
kit, it is possible to yield sustainable varieties of crops easily at half the time and budget.

Hydroponics is the future of farming in India:

Hydroponics is a promising agricultural method of the future. It helps the growth of plants in any
medium, such as liquid, gravel, and sand that are fortified with nutrients and the plants need not
necessarily be grown in soil. With the help of vertical hydroponic kits, it is possible to virtually
grow anything and everything and this method is seen as the future of vertical farming in India.
Plants that are grown in this method are free of environmental constraints such as sunlight, rain,
pests, etc., and are grown healthy without the use of much of insecticides. The plants are fed with
excellent nutrients and this method helps in the growth of healthy vegetables and fruits all
through the year.

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