Is It possible to grow everything through hydroponics as in traditional farming ?

Is It possible to grow everything through hydroponics as in traditional farming

Hydroponics has the capability to turn around agriculture to a great extent. A number of herbs and
greens can be grown using this farming technique but the main factor, in this case, becomes space.
Hydroponics uses the technique of growing plants and veggies in water mixed with nutrients minus
any kind of soil. So, hydroponic growing units require very little space. Naturally, the plants that can
be grown in them cannot be very large-sized.

What to grow and not

Some of the plants that grow best using hydroponics are tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions,
peppers, strawberries, blueberries, leafy greens like coriander, peas, eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower,
broccoli, beans, lettuce, basil, spinach, lettuce, etc.

Potatoes can also be grown in the hydroponics system but it will require sufficient depth for the
plant to grow properly. The vegetable grows in the root area so it has to be given enough amount of
space. Alternatively, you will have to choose a smaller variety of vegetables.

Growing larger varieties of vegetables like pumpkin, melons, squash or even corn is slightly
impractical because of the amount of space required for the same. Some varieties of pumpkins are
supposed to become quite big so they will take up a lot of space. Therefore, it is best to grow smaller
varities of vegetables and fruits in hydroponic systems. Additionally, some plants which have both
the male and female parts in them require the help of bees for pollination. But hydroponic
structures do not allow the entry of bees and other insects because they are grown indoors.
Therefore, if you want to grow those plants you will have to learn how to pollinate them yourself.

Hydroponics Vs traditional method

In the traditional agricultural methods, growing any fruits and vegetables is easy because all the
growing conditions are available in ample quantity all through the day including space. In
hydroponics, space shortage is huge because of the concept in meant for growing vegetables and
fruits even in space constriction.

In hydroponics, you can grow almost all vegetables and fruits if you keep aside the space crunch. This
is because all growing conditions like water, minerals, light, and air are available in this technique.
The water in which the plants grow contains mineral that a plant would normally require for growth
in the traditional system. In traditional method of agriculture, light is available as long as the sun is
there in the sky. But in hydroponics, the plants can be grown under LED lights as well. Therefore, the
growth process and photosynthesis continue all through the day and night as well. This is a huge
benefit as opposed to the traditional farming method.

Hydroponics is beneficial for people living in the cities who would prefer to eat fresh greens even in
the brick and concrete jungle. Therefore, they mostly prefer growing food that they will eat for sure.
There is no abundant space to experiment or waste food. So, the most consumed fruits and
vegetables find their way in the hydroponic farms.

Takeaway: Hydroponics is definitely an answer to the growing food shortage but because of space
limitation in the city only selected vegetables and fruits are grown. But that does not mean you
cannot grow all the foods as is done in traditional farming. It is just impractical to grow veggies that
will ruin your hydroponic garden.

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