Is Your Food Grown Within A 100 Miles

Is Your Food Grown Within A 100 Miles

Is Your Food Grown Within A 100 Miles? Can You Be Sure It Is Free From Pesticides And Chemicals?

5 Reasons To Go ‘Local’ And Grab Our Subscription Boxes NOW

Today there is a rising clamor for ‘locally grown’ food. Did you know you can today source produce from the farm directly to your table?

To stay healthy, nutritionists now strongly recommend people to consume ‘locally’ grown food that is food grown within 100 miles. This is because this food is fresh with its nutritive value still intact. Local, for some, also means buying vegetables, fruits and greens from people you know, you can interact with.

1. More awareness

People are increasingly aware of the irreversible consequences of

  • the presence of toxic chemicals in food,
  • crops grown through chemical-based farming which eventually lands up in the human body and
  • genetic modification

on human health. But when you are out in the market buying shiny, perfectly symmetric vegetables and fruits, there is no way of knowing where your cherries and salads are coming from, what kind of treatment has been done to the soil, whether or not they have been locally grown, and if they have been oused in wax on injected with steroids for premature ripening-all of which is unhealthy and scary.

2. Demand for ‘local’

This has given rise to a trend, where people are looking to buy food directly from the farm that is familiar to them, food that is safe, fresh, and not stored in warehouses for long hours, chemical free, locally cultivated within community. The solution and opportunity has come in the form of small businesses that have started to offer consumers exactly that.

3. An offer you cannot refuse

To make it easier for health conscious consumers, Urban Kisaan is all set to bring their freshest, greenest, juiciest produce-mind bending variety of greens, veggies, fruits and salads-right from our farm to your table in the form of Subscription Boxes every month, starting July.

4. About our farms

What’s so special about our farms, one may ask. The answer is- Quality and Traceability. Let us explain.

Urban Kisaan knows the importance of ‘local’ and so our farms are built closer home. That way, the produce travels very short distance and requires minimal storage. The greens and herbs we grow in our farms is locally produced, with no GMO or pesticides. The result is, our produce remains crispy, juicy, and highly nutritious right till it reaches you. Another interesting point is, we use hydroponics or soilless farming method to grow our greens and our methoduses 95% less water (Lower carbon foorprint, aaha!). We ensure quality and traceability at every step from seed to store.

Urban Kisaan’s Jubilee Hills farm is minutes away from where people live, Our produce is harvested and delivered on the same day, which means our produce is fresher, nutritious, has longer shelf life and shorter food miles.

5. Why hydroponics is safe and preferred?

In hydroponics, the plant is kept in seed capsules or growing chambers, and the only source of nourishment for the plant is sunlight and the nutrient water solution. The water is mixed with nutrient solutions, and is exposed to the roots providing the nourishment for the plant to grow.

The food grown in your house through hydroponics will have zero hazardous chemical pesticides in it. The pest infestation is also controlled by the fact that the hydroponics is a form of soilless farming, which restricts the risk of pest attacks.

All you need to do is, sit back and order the boxes to receive your batch of juicy, crunchy, fresh and very healthy mix of greens, herbs, salads and fruits.

6 The Three Subscription Boxes To Pick From

The Spring Mix

This Spring Mix is a nutrition specialist box combining greens and lettuces including romaine and arugula, a sweet blend of baby lettuces sprinkled with micro greens that’s best enjoyed with simple vinaigrette. This mix of herbs is ideal for a crispy and sensational addition to your morning and evening snack. This is a vibrant mix of textures and colors throbbing with life and freshness.

All this for just Rs. 800/- per month.

YOU MUST KNOW: Starting 4 th week of July, every Sunday we will ship 1 kg of garden party of the subscription box of your choice.Every delivery freshly harvested from farm minutes before delivery.

A Quick Salad With The Spring Mix

Be creative to make your salad from the spring mix bit more sweet, buttery, and refreshing to taste. Toss your spring mix with a simple touch of olive oil, herbs, tomatoes, mozzarella, and roasted pistachios for a refreshing salad at any time of day.

Indian Mix

All for Rs 600 a month, the Indian Mix collection is a blend of, as the name suggests, Indian greens used on a daily basis in our kitchens- spinach, coriander, mint, methi and Amaranthus (Thotakura), all herbs filled with iron, folic acid, vitamins and minerals.

This Exciting combination of Spring and Indian mix is a perfect blend. Take it home today, and let the tastes and textures take your sandwiches, salads, and Dal to whole new level.

50/50 Spring & Indian

This incredible half and half kg mix of Spring and Indian collection, modestly priced at Rs.700 a month, is a blast of flavor, freshness and nutrition. You will need it to liven up your sandwiches, salads,smoothies, rasam, chutneys, pizzas and pastas. Or if you are too hungry, just open the box and grab a bunch for healthy munch on session.

So if you are looking for options to buy veggies and greens that are healthy, good for your heart, brain, digestion and other important body functions, food that is locally grown with full transparency and minimal carbon footprint, you need to look no further. Just grab an Urban Kisaan Subscription Box and leave the rest to us.

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We started back in 2017 with a simple goal. Grow healthy plants, year round in-house. Therefore, leading to the simplest hydroponic system that helps anyone effortlessly grow their own fresh vegetables & fruits.
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