Organic vegetables in Hyderabad

Organic vegetables in Hyderabad

Manage your weight and stay fit with organic salads right from the garden to your plate

Obesity is becoming a major metabolic problem for people of modern times, who resort to strict dietary modifications to manage their health condition. Taking organic vegetables have been an important part of a dietary regimen to help reduce the weight of people. In a majority of dietary regimen, the most important component is consuming large quantities of fruits and vegetables. A strict weight loss diet plan involves a huge volume of fruits and vegetables and less quantity of canned and preserved foods.

Are organic fruits and vegetables really helping to manage weight?

Most of the people wonder why they are not able to lose weight even after they follow a strict exercise and diet routine. The main reason for this trend is that most of the healthy food options are not really healthy as they seem. Most of them contain higher quantities of sugars and salt and hidden fats, which indirectly curbs one’s weight loss efforts.

The major goal of losing weight is about tipping the balance of kilojoules in and out. For those who are really looking forward to losing weight, the most important regimen is to resort to organic vegetables and fruits. Online vegetables in Hyderabad are now proven to be highly effective in managing the weight of its people, mainly because they are grown through hydroponic technique without incorporating fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic vegetables through Hydroponic technique:

A majority of the world population are becoming concerned about what they consume and what are the actual constituents of the food that enters in their plates. The current era people debates on food safety and crop growing practices and the debate are in fact getting more intense at modern times. A majority of individuals are inclined to eat healthy food items even when they dine outside, this trend has indeed given rise to a host of restaurants that promise food items that are organically grown in their cuisine and their menu list.

Organic fruits and vegetables and organic methods of farming have indeed gained tremendous popularity in the recent past and are also compared with the hydroponics method of growing food. Hydroponic cultivation methods are becoming quite popular and are becoming the most viable and healthy form of agriculture.

The term hydroponics is also misunderstood and even the internet doesn’t seem to portray a correct picture of this agriculture method. The ultimate aim of this article is to uncover some of the myths around hydroponics in Hyderabad and other major Indian cities and paint a clear picture on how and why this method is considered superior to organic soil farming.

Hydroponics Vs Organic Farming:

To start with it is important to understand the process that lies behind organic farming and hydroponic methods of growing crops. Hydroponics is the process of growing crops and plants in water without the use of soil. Organic farming, on the other hand, is growing crops by traditional methods, in the soil but not choosing to use inorganic fertilizers in the process of growing the crops.

Use of manures and pesticides:

In order to be considered certified organic, a plant should be grown completely using unrefined minerals. The issue with organic farming is that these unrefined minerals, no matter how much natural they are, are still toxic in nature. For instance, mined phosphate contains an excessive amount of radioactive radium and fluoride, both of which can be pretty harmful for human consumption. Even the use of organic fertilizers such as manure can still pose the risk of Salmonella and E-coli outbreaks.

On the other hand, hydroponics plants that are grown in the nutrient solutions, indoors are free from chemicals completely. They also do not incorporate any pesticide use and are thus much safer. Plants also grow quick in hydroponic farming owing to its controlled environment and the crop yield is also increased significantly owing to more production of crops in the same amount of space.

System of growth:

There is excellent evidence that indicates that closed loop water recirculation systems such as aquaponics and hydroponics offer an excellent advantage over soil based organic growing. Water chemistry in both these systems can be manipulated extensively to boost the natural plant bio-actives for tremendous health benefits. Thus, the plants that are grown hydroponically bag exceptional nutritional value. It has also been proven that the vitamin content is more than 50% for the plants that are grown hydroponically compared to those plants that are grown through conventional methods.

Water consumption and soil protection:

There are a number of similarities between organic farming and hydroponics. One major similarity is that both these farming practices work to protect the fragile environment of the earth. But there are sure ways hydroponics manages to triumph over traditional organic agriculture in its endeavors in environmental protection. It uses at least 90 water less water considering traditional agriculture methods, and thus it conserves the world’s most important water resource from depletion. It also manages to prevent the soil from erosion and degradation. It also helps to preserve the valuable top soil for plants that are not suited for hydroponic growing techniques.

Thus the bottom line is that, when it comes to organic farming or hydroponics debate, the fact is that Hydroponics is the best technique to grow organic fruits and vegetables. Since it is grown at the comfort of one’s home, people are able to transfer food right from the plant to the plate. Hydroponics is the most attractive agricultural method of growing plants and is one of the best ways to grow organic vegetables in Hyderabad.

Final words:

Hydroponics is becoming a popular method of growing food right at the comfort of one’s home in leading cities where the space constraints exist in following conventional food growing techniques. It is a cheap, effective, conservative and the best organic way of growing food. It saves water and soil and grows plants effectively in a short time span and within limited space.

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