Should you grow your food only on soil?

Should you grow your food only on soil
Should you grow your food only on soil? Break the myth -You can now grow your own
food through soilless farming

Since the existence of mankind, we have been growing food in soil and have been eating food
that has been grown in soil. But should we be continuing the same trend even when the quantum
of agriculture land is shrinking to an alarming extent? May be No.

With the advent of the population explosion and the depleting quantity of agriculture land, it is
important for us to think of alternative methods of growing food. For when the quality of
agriculture land goes down, farmers are forced to treat the land with pesticides and at the end,
people are left with food that has been poisoned right at the start of its growth cycle.
Hydroponics is the best alternative to grow edible plants indoors. People in Hyderabad are
awesome in growing organic vegetable farming in Hyderabad and at the end, the city has
access to the best-grown vegetables under controlled conditions.

Organic farming in metro-cities:

Organic farming has sure advantages, it helps in growing edible crops indoor, without allowing
the weather to play a role in the growth of the plants. With the help of this system, it is possible
to harvest fresh veggies and crops all through the year. The system helps in the right amount of
light and it is possible to grow the greens, herbs and even small vegetables and fruits even in a
very small space.

For beginners, it is possible to enter into hydroponics by starting to grow moderate to light
edibles and tropical. Leafy greens and lettuce are the crops that are grown predominantly through
hydroponic techniques. Lettuce in Hyderabad that is grown hydroponically are pretty popular
and hydroponics farmers in Hyderabad have become to grow a variety of lettuce, watercress,
corn salad, spinach, sorrel and kale as they grow in moderate light levels. More than how these
crops grow outdoors, they are grown in well-maintained conditions indoors. With the help of
hydroponic gardening techniques, it is possible to grow a lot of cool-season herbs such as
carrots, cilantro, fennel, mints, and parsley.

Some tips with soilless farming techniques:

● Growing crops indoors demand high quality grow lamps, as the plants demand a lot of
energy to produce fruits, flowers, and large roots. So plants will demand more intense
lighting when they are at their fruiting stage.

● Some of the crops such as beets, tomatoes, strawberries, and basil thrive better in sunlight
conditions and thus such plants should be kept under direct sunlight for a minimum of 6
to 8 hours in a day. If this is not possible the same situation should be replicated with
high-intensity lights.

● For those indoor farmers who have space constraints, it is good to choose dwarf fruits
such as cherry tomatoes, mini beets, compact peppers, etc.

Final words:

It is time that we break the myth of growing plants only in soil. Soilless farming is the trend of
the day and is highly beneficial in yielding the best crops from the comforts of one’s home.

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