Types of automated hydroponic indoor plant systems

Types of automated hydroponic indoor plant systems

Not all plants grow in all the regions, taking into consideration the water challenges and soil mechanics. This results in a shortage of crops and some people lack complete access to certain food types. Hydroponics is an indoor farming system that helps to grow common vegetables and plants without depending on soil and climate. This system does not make use of soil and is automated using sensors and microcontrollers to avoid human intervention to the maximum. The user should plant a seedling and set its initial parameters. The system is able to maintain the parameters and promote the growth of the plant healthily.

Indoor plant technology:

The indoor plant technology refers to hydroponics or aquaponics that translates as soilless gardening. This intensive gardening technique facilitates abundant crop yields and harvests all through the year. It can be performed both indoors and outdoors and using high end or low profile technology. A number of plants can be grown this way such as tomatoes, cucumbers, root vegetables, herbs, greens and all kinds of flowering plants

Different types of hydroponic systems:

The first step in setting up a hydroponic garden is selecting a system that best fits one’s needs. Important considerations such as space, what to grow, time and budget determine the type of system that one deserves. The three most basic setups are the wick technique, water culture technique, and the ebb and flow method. All the three systems can be built from individual components or purchased as a separate kit as well.

1. Wick systems:

This is the simplest and easiest indoor plant system and has no moving parts. It consists of a reservoir filled with nutrients and water and above the reservoir, there is a container filled with the growing medium. Both the containers are connected by a wick that draws the nutrient-filled water up to the growing medium. From here the plant’s roots absorb the nutrients. This system is the best for beginners but does not go well with plants that demand much water like lettuce. They are the best for growing herbs, peppers and greens.

2. Water culture system:

This is also simple to set up a system where the plants are placed into a Styrofoam platform that lies on top of a reservoir that holds the solution of nutrients and water. A bubbler air pump is fixed with the reservoir to deliver oxygen directly to the roots of the plants. The system works best for water-hungry plants but is not ideal for plants that live for a long time such as tomatoes.

3. Ebb and flow system:

This indoor plant system is slightly complex in its design but is highly versatile. This system floods the growing medium with water and nutrient solution and then it drains back into the reservoir. The system includes a submersible pump with a timer to efficiently perform this action. One greatest advantage of the system is that it is possible to use the time to customize the watering schedule of the plants based on its size, temperature, and humidity

The Hydroponic indoor system is easy to set up and maintain. It features a modern style that will suit all rooms of the house and bears fully grown plants in a month

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