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Why grow the UrbanKisaan way?

UrbanKisaan reimagines agriculture for a sustainable future, leveraging hydroponic & vertical farming technology to address global farming challenges. We combat the environmental toll of traditional methods, ensuring food security in even the most land-scarce regions.

Our innovative approach prioritizes capital & crop efficiency, sustainability growing more with less.



No Pesticide

Low Carbon

Good for
the planet


Our vertical hydroponic farming systems are soil-less, fully automated, which can be set-up into your warehouse, shipping containers, indoors, rooftop and open land.

How do we grow differently in our own farms?

1. 365 days of production

We grow in controlled environments be it warehouse, shipping containers, indoors, rooftop and open land.

2. Affordable infrastructure than global standards

We build state-of-the-art hydroponic & vertical farms that allow to grow more produce with far fewer costs both capex and opex.

3. Up to 49x production per sq. FT

Our tech enables us to grow more crops in lesser spaces, not just higher yielding, but are also more nutritious, pest-resistant, disease-resistant, and climate-smart.

4. Proprietary IoT and data learning software’s

Our state-of-the-art system enables us to do automated dosing, precise nutrient management. Air, Light, Water, Nutrients. All in control

5. Advanced lighting systems

Our advanced lighting systems can be auto-tuned to achieve a specific light spectrum and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) intensity, ensuring optimal growing conditions for a variety of crops.

6. Proprietary Seeds and Forumlations

Our precise and efficient phenotyping using employing state-of-the-art technologies, such as imaging, IoT, and machine learning, our experts are able to meticulously monitor and analyse plants, and thereby make informed, phenotype-based breeding decisions suitable for Hydroponics & Vertical farming.

Monitor Your Farm

We know how busy the Urban Lifestyle is and we also know how much you care about your plants and planet. We ensure that you are always connected to your growing Kits via your smartphone helping you monitor the plants health anytime, any where.

Moniter & Control

Hydroponics Guide

Crop Guide

Online Support

Our mission is to support and empower you inside and outside of your farm.


As soon as you purchase, our team will work with you to get started as quickly and smoothly as possible! Our team will assist you with site approval, customer discovery, farm delivery logistics, and launch activities.


Through our Customer Experience Team, we provide training during our Kisaan Camp and provide assistance as you cultivate your initial yield. We assist you throughout the process, from delivery and setup to launch and your inaugural harvest, and even beyond that! For further details, explore more about our services.

Technical Support

UrbanKisaan offers a specialized Customer Support Team that remains by your side starting from the point of purchasing a farm. Every customer is paired with an assigned support representative, ensuring continuous communication with an individual knowledgeable about your background and circumstances.

Help Center

Web Kisaan Camp is a free interactive online training course that takes farmers through the entire training process with helpful articles and videos.


Connect with the Client Services team in an exclusive community forum! This online community allows you to connect with farmers to ask questions, share information, showcase your progress, and celebrate accomplishments.

Marketing Support

Our farmers have access to Our Marketing team for their business and marketing needs. We can provide consulting and design services, as well as promote you to our wide social media audience.

What can I grow?

So many crops, so many possibilities.
Explore a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, crops, from classic herbs to exotic edible flowers. The choice is yours.


To set-up Indoor and outdoor hydroponic farms.. Get in touch

Curious about the possibilities? Not sure where to begin? Fill up the form and we will get back to you super soon. And then we can discuss all about the opportunities and help you understand how you can get started.


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