Introducing your personal farm.

At UrbanKisaan, we build smart personal farms for homes and hotels that makes growing simple. Most people don’t have the time, space or the expertise to grow their own food. We make it easy to grow fresh, delicious food year-round -- in rain or in sun-- right under your own roof.

Grow where you live,
work and eat.

Our smart, soil-less growing systems are Designed to be beautiful in any space, They are fully self-contained and requires minimal effort, innovation and sustainability while providing meaningful produce yield in an automated way. UrbanKisaan transforms ordinary places into living, growing spaces

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Growing food
should be easy

No green thumb? No problem. No matter who or where you are, UrbanKisaan delivers fresh, quality produce without the hassle, monitoring your plants’ needs every step of the way and letting you know when to harvest.

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All the joys of farming,
minus the mess.

UrbanKisaan use specially designed seed plugs to grow your plants. Each home kit can hold up to 48 plants! It's as easy as plant, transplant, harvest. We designed UrbanKisaan with you in mind: no mess and no stress.


So many crops,
so many possibilities.

Explore a wide variety of crops, from classic herbs to exotic edible flowers. The choice is yours.

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  • Hydroponics 18 Plants

    Buy the hydroponic farming system of 18 plant model from Urban Kisaan. It is the perfect solution to urban farming that will easily fit into your balcony or rooftop

    Starting from:

    Rs. 16,500

    Offer Price:

    Rs. 9,900

  • Hydroponics 24 Plants

    Buy the indoor gardening hydroponic system of 24 plant model from Urban Kisaan which will easily fit into your balcony or rooftop. We will also provide the seeds and the nutrients

    Starting from:

    Rs. 21,500

    Offer Price:

    Rs. 12,900

  • Hydroponics 36 Plants

    Buy the hydroponc equipment of 36 plant model from urban kisaan. Grow the leafy green vegetables in your own terrace and enjoy pesticide free healthy vegetables

    Starting from:

    Rs. 25,833

    Offer Price:

    Rs. 15,500

  • Hydroponics 48 Plants

    Buy hydroponic kit of 48 plany model from Urban Kisaan. We will help you with the set up and guide you through the farming process. Seeds of the hydroponic plants and the required nutrients come with the kit

    Starting from:

    Rs. 33,166

    Offer Price:

    Rs. 19,900