Our Produce

  • RO Water and a UV Light filter ensures zero microbial contamination before entering the farm.
  • Plants are never exposed to any sort of toxic, heavy metal or harmful supplements during any stage of its life
  • Our plants, right from a seed to harvest are never touched by bare hands and are always handled with sanitized gloves

Our Staff

  • All the farm staff follow WHO hygiene standards to maintain personal hygiene and hygiene inside farm
  • With the help of face masks, hair nets, gloves and boot caps, our staff stay free from any infectious microorganisms and are monitored to follow the same without fail

Our Farm

  • All farm equipments and surfaced are disinfected and sanitized regularly before very use.
  • Farm micro-climate is frequently sanitized through fumigation and we maintain full control over all elements inside the farm

Our Stores

  • In Store, all surfaces that are regularly touched are frequently sanitized.
  • Hand sanitizers are made available for all customers.

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