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Agriculture's Next Chapter

Why Did We Launch the Speed Breeding Program?

While traditional breeding techniques have served us well historically, they fall short in addressing the looming food demands of the future. Gone are the days of basic methods from the dawn of grain crop domestication; our modern breeders are now equipped with advanced technological tools. At the heart of this progressive shift is our pioneering 'Speed Breeding Program.'


Speed breeding deploys extended photoperiods, meticulously controlled temperatures, optimised light quality & intensity to accelerate photosynthesis, flowering, and seed harvest to significantly reduce the generation times of crops.

Our Core Innovation in Speed Breeding

Space-Inspired, Science-Driven

Drawing from diverse inspirations, including NASA's space station wheat cultivation, our program accelerates plant growth through optimized light and temperature conditions and optimization of nutrient balance to significantly reduce the generation times of crops. This adaptable method doesn't require specialized labs, making it both innovative and practical.

High-throughput and Precise Phenotyping

Our program stands out with its dedication to detailed phenotyping, using cutting-edge tech like imaging and machine learning. This allows our experts to closely monitor plants, making data-driven breeding decisions. Our ongoing tech investments enhance this precision, making our methods faster and more cost-effective.

Automation & Data Science

By merging speed breeding with automated phenotyping platforms, we're unlocking new insights into gene effects on plant growth. As industry trailblazers, we're committed to using these insights to address the challenges of data management and image processing in phenotyping.

Saving generational time in breeding

We've slashed generation times for key crops like Okra, Tomato, and Rice. Our solution extends beyond advanced lighting; it is a complete, high-throughput grow station that is meticulously designed to optimize every stage of the plant growth cycle.

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